Why Blu Ray Won the Format War

September 11, 2017 Hanser 0

We have been without a good format war since the late 1970’s and the early 1980’s, when we watched VHS vs. Beta. In 2008 the hunger for a new challenger was satisfied. HD DVD teased us, leading us to believe it may be the next one to claim the title. That was until February 2008 when the contender, HD DVD backed down…Toshiba chose to no longer develop and no longer manufacture HD DVD players. Blu Ray was waiting in the wings for its chance to claim the title and it was not in vain. Blu Ray has been declared the winner! By March of 2008, the HD DVD Promotion Group was dissolved. In 2008 major content manufacturers and key retailers stopped supporting the format.

So what is the difference between Blu Ray and HD DVD and why did Blu-ray win the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD format war? Before answering that question, the first thing to do is to learn more about each format.


High-definition digital versatile disc is the long name for HD DVD. The original design was developed as a successor to the DVD format that most users are familiar with. Toshiba was the principal developer of this technology. The single layer capacity for HD DVD is 30 GB and double layer capacity is 60 GB for a HD DVD-ROM. More on HD DVD:

    • High quality video and audio


    • SD video capacity about 13 hours


    • HD video capacity 3.3 or 5.1 hours


    Discs and players are not region coded


The shorter wavelength of a blue-violet laser makes it possible to focus the laser spot with effective precision. This allows an increased amount of data to be packed closer together which uses less space for storage. This means the Blu-ray can fit more data on a disc. Combined with the change of numerical aperture (how much the laser spreads out) to 0.85 is what enables Blu-ray Discs to hold 25GB/50GB. More on Blu-ray:

    • High quality video and audio


    • SD video capacity about 23 hours


    • HD video capacity 5.6 or 8.5 hours


    Discs and players are region coded

Blu-ray won the format war with HD DVD due to it being superior in capacity and quality. Blu-ray also had many more manufacturers and movie studios supporting it.

Edging a Lawn with Weed Eater

August 5, 2017 Hanser 0

As soon as spring sets in your lawn maintenance needs attention. Once you have nice and trimmed edges of your lawn or flower beds it will just need timely maintenance. Weed eaters or weed whackers whatever you call them are quiet suitable for the purpose of edging your lawn. Few tips for selecting the correct model include plug in or battery powered models as these are not powerful enough to ruin the edges but are designed to trim them neatly.

Next comes the “ergonomics” factor, so select a machine that is light to carry and has a straight body. Next comes your own safety so wear proper shoes and glasses because the edges of the lawn normally have stones, gravel, twigs and many other small objects that can shoot off easily from ground and hit you as weed eaters are deviously powerful.

A powered weed eater is best to be used for straight lines like along a defined path whereas for undefined paths and irregular angles a manual weed eater comes in handy for edging. It is always better to clear off potential harmful stuff from the edges of the lawn yourself prior to edging otherwise the weed eater will do it for you in ways that might surprise you. Apart from your own safety this also helps in extending the life of the weed eater’s string.

Step 1

Depending upon the model being used either plug in or insert a new battery or turn on the choke in case of gas powered weed eater, pull the cord and switch off the choke when the engine starts up.

Step 2

Set the handle in a relaxed position and secure it by tightening the nut. Your one hand will be used to support the trimmer and other will be used to operate the trigger. To adjust the string automatically trimmer head is tapped on the lawn. Standing on the side path rather than the grass can lead to your own ease and convenience.

Step 3

The weed eater should be held at your waist height and its head should be at the edge of the lawn. Then pull the trigger and angle the head of the weed eater at 60 degrees from ground this will enable the ends of the strings to trim.

Step 4

Now simply move the weed eater’s head back and forth with continuously reducing the angle to make the slanting edge of your lawn. Move your body rather than your arms as it will help in getting the line straighter. Continuing the same motion move around the boundary of the lawn till you again reach where you starting from. After you are done turn off the weed eater.

Additional tips

Hover the weed eater’s head about an inch above the ground so that the grass doesn’t get completely cut which can also lead to massacring the grass. Also the string of the weed eater can destroy edging strips, sprinklers or any other marking obstructions, so the edging should be done carefully.

Edging definitely improves the look of your lawn aesthetically and once done properly needs little maintenance.

Choosing an Office Chair for Good Posture

August 5, 2017 Hanser 0

We tend to put plenty of our time in choosing a comfortable sofa or armchair. Then the question arises why do we opt for less when purchasing for an office chair? This is a question we are left pondering as each day passes by with aches in our necks, discomforts in our lower backs, and stiffness in our arms and shoulders becoming unbearable. Only then do we realize that not only reckless decisions we made cost us more money because we had to make purchases but also led to a severe long-term backlash in our health.

Office chair and poor posture

As office employees hand in their long term sick notes because of having neck, back, shoulder or arm problems due to poor posture at their workstations it may result in employers being left counting the cost to their business. So word of advice is when you are purchasing an office chair put your posture first and ensure you’ve got it right the first time. The office is where we spend most of our time seated.  Thus it is important for our spine health to spend enough of our time looking for the best office chair that will be suitable to our needs.  Here are tips to follow when choosing the right office chair for a good posture.

Back support of the office chair

Your back’s right support will help to prevent the degeneration of your spinal cord that may occur as a result of being seated for more than two hours a day.  A posture chair with a high back will provide you with significant support on your entire spine from your lower lumber‘s region to your necks top.  A good office chair has an adjustable seat and lumbar support that can allow for tilt and height movement enabling you to place your feet flat on the floor.

Arm support of the office chair

Many employers when purchasing office chair usually overlook its armrest.  Armrests are vital for comfort and can help in the prevention of neck, upper back, and shoulder problems. A good office chair will have an adjustable armrest and can also be padded.

The seat comfort of the office chair

The seat should both be supporting and soft. It should be wide enough in such away it will enable your body to be comfortable when sitting on it and allow for an even distribution of weight.  Under height adjustment of the seat, it is important that your feet will be able to sit flat and comfortably on the floor.  Many seats designs have slopes towards their front thus helping in the boost of blood circulation.


A good posture is important both at work and at home.  For it is a valuable part in the prevention or management of back pains during any activity. Thus If your job requires sitting for hours in the office, you may end up having a poor posture and back pain. It is why you need to choose a good office chair that will not only provide you with a good body position but also relieve you of back pain.

How Does a Zero Turn Mower Work?

July 19, 2017 Hanser 0

What is a zero turn mower?

A zero turn mower is a type of lawn mower which can have a turning radius of zero. You can buy both industrial and residential zero turn mowers. Traditional lawn tractors have their mowing decks underneath the machine; on the other hand, zero turn mowers have their mowing deck in front of the machine.

How They Work

The effective turning radius of zero that is achieved by a zero turn mower means that it can turn around while mowing without missing any of the lawn. Regular steerable lawn mowers and tractors have front wheels that can be turned, similar to steering a car.

The front wheels on a zero turn mower, on the other hand, cannot be turned.  Instead, the two driving rear wheels are used to turn the mower. Each rear wheel is powered independently from the other, often with their own respective levers to control the power output. This means that one wheel can be turned at a different speed to the other, and even in a different direction. As a result, the mower can be turned around completely on the spot.

Steering a zero turn mower

As most zero turn mowers use two levers to control the power output to each wheel, to simply move forwards and backwards both levers would be pushed either forwards or backwards and equal amount. Pushing the right lever forwards more than the left lever would cause the mower to curve left, and vice versa to curve right. If you want to pivot around a single wheel, keep one wheel stationary and push the other lever forwards.

This would leave no area of grass uncut and also it would set you up faster for the next stretch. Another method of turning is the classic z-turn (also called a tank turn). This method involves moving one wheel forwards while moving the other backwards. This pivots the mower around a central point between the two drive wheels rather than around one of the wheels itself.

Advantages and disadvantages

Zero turn mowers are often a lot faster than other mowers and a lot more manoeuvrable. Although this alone doesn’t seem like a large benefit, zero turn mowers can get large areas of grass cut a lot more quickly, acres of grass can be cut in a matter of minutes. Switching from traditional riding lawn mowers to zero turn mowers can cut up to 70% off the time it takes to mow your lawn.

The manoeuvrability of zero turn mowers also allows you to mow tightly around obstacles such as flowerbeds and bushes, often to the point where a trimmer isn’t needed. There are myriad attachments that can be used with zero turn mowers, the most popular of which are collection systems and mulching kits.

There are also a few disadvantages to zero turn mowers. Due to the fact that all aspects of their operation is reliant on the traction of the wheels, in wet conditions they can be ineffective and even dangerous, slipping and losing control. If your lawn is sloped more than 10 degrees or so then zero turn mowers can be very unbalanced and roll over. Therefore if you are mowing an area of grass which is either slightly sloped or damp then be very careful.

Outdoor Spas vs. Hot Tubs: How to Choose

July 11, 2017 Hanser 0

We are all excited when we get something to enhance our homes and installing a spa is one of them. The latest trend in many homes is installing a spa or hot tub along with a pool so as to be able to cool down or warm up whenever the need arises. However, the most bugging question is which should you choose? Below is a detailed guide and comparison between outdoor spas and hot tubs, and how to choose the right one for your personal needs.

Outdoor Spas

In simple terms, an outdoor spa is a feature that is mounted on to the pool and uses the same plumbing and mechanical systems used by the pool. This explains the reason as to why most home owners find it worthy to install their spa at the same time as their pool.

Spas are by no mean cheap but this price can be brought down significantly if they are (spas) connected to the pool as opposed to having one standing on its own entity.

Hot Tubs

On the other hand, hot tubs are neither connected to the pool nor installed in-ground. This type of home features come in as a separate entity that appears as some kind of rolling tubs. You will mostly find them in the deck area or concrete pads in a home’s backyard.

One of the most challenging parts of owning hot tubs is the fact that, they must be installed by a licensed electrician. You will also have to be 100% sure that your deck has the ability to withstand the weight of a hot tub. It’s paramount to seek the advice of a structural engineer who will be able to cross check if your deck can hold such weight.

On the flip side, hot tubs cost significantly lower that of outdoor spa. However, don’t be carried away by the price but instead look out for a hot tub that will serve you and your generation to come. Also, it’s important to factor in the maintenance cost considering the fact that hot tubs are more intensive as compared to pools. Hot tubs will require you to check the water PH several times a week.

Hot Tub Buying Tips – How to Buy a Hot Tub

The most important tip to consider before purchasing a hot tub is to think of it more as an investment rather than a luxury. Avoid throwing caution to the wind and do an informed research.

The best favor you can do yourself is by taking time to personally inspect the tub prior to purchase. Visit your nearest Spa showroom and sample some of the brands for sale. Look out for standard features like add-on options, carefully inspect the construction criteria and check for some energy-saving features. Truth be told, nothing beats an in-person review.

Other points that most buyers tend to overlook include future additions. This could be things like house extensions or family additions. No one knows about tomorrow and you might find yourself needing to expand your deck or adding more entertainment area in your backyard.


Although owning a hot tub spa is for pure indulgence and unabashed luxury; consider it as an investment in your leisure. With the above tips, you can rest assured of value for not only your money but also your time.

The Ariens Max Zoom Zero Turn Mower

April 12, 2017 Hanser 0

The Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn is as near commercial quality as one could possibly hope for. The biggest difference is the price does not reflect one of a commercial mower. It’s priced as a large residential zero turn.

As with most anything we shop for, there are always good reasons to buy as well as good reasons not to buy.  First let’s take a look at the positives.

Reasons you may want to consider the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn:

1. The large 60-inch deck is made of 10-gauge fabricated and welded steel. Just the fact that it’s 10-gauge makes it an incredibly strong deck.

2. The Twin ZT3100 Hydrostatic Trans axles make the Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn highly powerful. This riding mower will take on hills without even a sputter.

Another good reason for owning this particular ZTR is if you have a lawn business and don’t really have anything to get you up hills, this one will do it with no problem. This contains the added advantage of being able to take on more business without worrying about the terrain of the property you might be adding to the mix, that could prevent making the mistake of agreeing to take on a new account and then finding out you have to get another mower just to handle that particular piece of property.

3. The Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn is rabbit fast. It goes up to 8 miles per hours in forward speed and up to 4-miles per hour in reverse.

Then there is the fact that it has a capacity to hold 7-gallons of fuel . That is critical if you’re taking care of other people’s lawns. One of the last things you want to do is re-fuel all the time when you’re on the job. Time is money and re-fueling doesn’t make you a penny. Plus, there are 3 anti-scalp wheels which is crucial because the last thing you want to do, and it’s common in ZTs that are cutting on uneven terrain, is scalp yours or someone elses lawn. The anti-scalp wheels will ensure the deck floats over the terrain really nicely leaving a perfectly even, professional cut. If you all take that under consideration, then it’s wise to own the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn.

That is the good side of this big ZTR by Ariens. There is also a negative side. So let’s talk about the various disadvantages.

Drawbacks: Reasons Against the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn

1. You really need ample place to store this. The foot-print on this machine is large. It’s just over 75-inches wide.

Some people simply don’t have enough space available to house  the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn, so that could be the deal breaker. It might be a factor to avoid getting this particular ztr.

2. It won’t fit through a gate. If you are purchasing a riding mower for your own  personal use, you’ll probably have to install a second gate door. The standard gate size is normally around 38 Inches.

So, a double door gate would be 76 inches wide, but you’d have to have REALLY good aim to pull that off.

3. The Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn is only available to be purchased online.

One more justification in avoiding owning this riding mower is if you are the type who needs to try before you buy. But I can tell you that the Max Zoom is at least double the comfort of the Ariens Zoom ztrs and they are all extremely comfortable

And so that is that. There are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch zero turn, and now you know what they are. This may not be the ZTR that everyone wants or needs. But for the person looking for one of this size, this riding mower will not disappoint them in the least. At least with the information above, you can now look at the specifications and the customer reviews and make an informed decision.